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-- Workshop 2001 --

Much thanks to Paul Argo, Joe Vigil, the Santa Fe Art Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory and all the others who made this workshop possible! We had a very successful workshop this year with a total of four days. Day 1 - The workshop started out with around 120 students aged 13+ starting out on the Solarbotics SolarSpeeder kit or a higher kit if they had built other kits in previous years or at home. As each student completed a robot they could get the next difficult Solarbotics kit. Day 2 - The same 120 kids came back to complete their projects or start on a new one. At this point pretty much everyone was working on Photopoppers or Scoutwalkers. Day 3 - Began as a normal workshop day with the students completing their projects. At noon competitions began for SolarSpeeder, Photocopier, Magbot, and walker sumo. People were either working on their bots, competing, or watching the competitions. The walker sumo is always a big hit. Prizes were then awarded Day 4 - Was the workshop day for younger kids. Parents and their kids ages 12 and under built either the SolarSpeeder or the Magbot. We had about 100 kids for this day of the workshop. At the end there was a competition for best SolarSpeeder and best Magbot and prizes were given. Workshop photos: ~350K Click on a photo for a larger hi-rez image.

Some kids soldering together a SolarSpeeder.
Rick and Grant debugging robots at the help desk
Darrell and I chillin'
Some robots in one of the parks that was set up.
Close-up shot. I'm not sure who built these but they have an interesting design.
Paul, a really smart guy who whizzed through all the kits is finishing up his Scoutwalker 2 with SunSeeker head add-on.
Several aqua bots built by Gavin Argo and Scott floating around the fountain.
Close-up of one of the aqua bots Gavin built at the workshop.
A close-up of the aquabot Gavin built at last years workshop.
A bot that was in the robot park.
Another design on the same concept.
... and another
... and another
Someone working on their Scoutwalker 1.
Sheryl of Solarbotics helping a student.
Student working on his Scoutwalker 2.
Dave of Solarbotics.
Scott checking out one of Darrell's walkers.
Mark Tilden giving a lecture at the workshop.
Mark lecturing. On the table is (from left to right) some metal shells Tilden is going to build robots out of, a couple robot toys, a couple Uni.... walkers, and a Sony Aibo.
Kids line up their SolarSpeeder. The object is the shoot them 3 meters down a track and get them...
... into this hole in the box.
Tilden ripping apart an old Macintosh laptop.
A girl working on her Scoutwalker 1.
Scott again.
Grant debugging a Scoutwalker 2.
Tilden ripping apart some electronics.
Richard talking to Jan.
Mark Dalton helping a student with his robot.
The walker sumo competition.
People watching the walker competition.
Tilden ripping apart the Sony Aibo. Poor dog.
One of the new toys being sold.
Zoz making Quicktime-VR-like Java based rotational objects of all of Tilden's bots.
A couple of the younger kids working with their parents on SolarSpeeder.
... and more.
... and more.
Scott, Mark, and I looking at something.
Tilden explaining one of his Unibugs to one of the students.
Some kind of photovore.
Top view of the new Pummer kit premiered at the workshop.
Bottom view.
Grant's really cool mouse-like photovores.
Another photovore.
... another view.
Servo based turbot.
... another view.
Fast photovore.
... another view.
Well that's it :)
Another view of Grant's photovore.
Paul Argo doing some cleanup at the end of the workshop.
The group talking at the end of the workshop.

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