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Important instructions! Read!
Here are some basic instructions for submitting a site.
The main thing to know is that you are submitting a page that goes into a specific category which means you need to submit the URL to that specific page and not the main page of that web site. Example... You would submit "" and select "Information > Schematics". You wouldn't just submit "".

Just remember that I do go through all the sites that you submit myself so if you aren't sure about something feel free to just wing it or tell me about it in the "comments" section and I'll figure it out.

The other thing is that if the page your submitting doesn't fit into any of the current categories just let me know in the "Comments" section and I'll make a new category.

Thank you so much for helping advance BEAM by creating a central area were people can go to find whatever they need. I know it will save a lot of people a whole lot of time and also help promote all the BEAM sites out there.

What is the name of the site?

What is the name of the page you are submitting?

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What is the direct URL to the site you are submitting?

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