Well here it is, day one. I had to get up at 6:00 so we would be in Los Alamos in time, ahhhhhhhh. I usually wake up at about 10:00, one of the advantages of being home schooled. When we arrived I unloaded my stuff from the car and proceeded to the workshop area. After a quick scan of the room I noticed Mark Dalton (cool), Scott Martin, Rick Diaz, Dave & Sheryl Hrynkiw, Paul Argo, and Mark Tilden. I got settled in and unpacked my tools as more people arrived. At around 9:10 Sheryl gave a small talk on BEAM and safety and then Dave started passing out kits. While I was waiting for him to get to the Scoutwalker II kits I walked around and took a few photos and talked to Mark. I then picked up my kit and started on the kit. It was now about 10:00 and lunch was at 11:15 so I got a little work in before we had to clear off the table so people could eat at them. I took a bunch of photos at lunch and a few afterwards. By the end of the day I was almost done with the kit and had about 20 photos.

Who are they???? Mark Tilden - Inventor of BEAM Juan Lorenzo - Part of the US team that went to India in '97 and '98. Diego - Part of the US team that went to India last year and now part of my team (Team IDA) that is participating in WCRG on May 6th, 1999. Andri - Part of the US team that went to India last year and now part of my team (Team IDA) that is participating in WCRG on May 6th, 1999. Steve Jones - Steve came down from Canada with his son to attend the event. Ivar Thorson - Ivar cam down from Washington to attend the workshop and meet mark. He's also the creator of the "Basic BEAM robotics page" which I'm sure most of you have been to. Ian Bernstein - Well, me! I went to India last year and am team leader for "Team IDA" (Ian, Diego, Andri). I live about two hours from Los Alamos so it's fairly easy for me to attend the event. Dave & Sheryl - Owners of Solarbotics and designers of the kits that were built at the workshop. Brent - On a team that is probably going to WCRG in May. Paul - Organizer of the workshop! Without him there wouldn't be a workshop, thanks Paul! LANL - Los Alamos National Laboratory, sponsor of the workshop, thanks! Also where they invented the Atomic Bomb.

Diego (left) and Andri (right) in line to pick up their kits.
Chris getting ready to start on his "Solar Speeder" kit.
Juan Lorenzo and Mark Tilden
Ivar getting started on his 2 motor walker kit.
Me (CEO and brainchild of BEAM Online)
Overview of the area we were in, bit small but it worked.
April (right) and Lorenzo waiting to get back to work.
Dave (right), Sheryl (middle) and Paul (far)
Some kids messing around at lunch =)
People busily working on their bots.
Mark's, mine and various other peoples bots.
Brent (middle) displays part of his sumo.
Carl Bernstein, my dad, entertained us while we worked.
Ivar finishing up his walker
Dave helping troubleshoot a solar speeder.
Everyone packing up.
Almost done.

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