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What you need....


Get a "click type" pen, unscrew the top and take out the spring. Make sure it is solderable by soldering a dab of solder on the very end of the spring.


Cut the spring in half.

3. Straiten out a large "2 paper clip.

Cut a piece of paper "3 x "5/16.

5. Cut a VERY small piece of tape and tape the end of the piece of paper to the middle of the paper clip.
6. Wrap the paper around the paper clip and fasten it with another piece of tape.
7. Push the spring over the tape. Tip: You can kind of screw the spring on if you turn it.
8. Cut the paper clip flush with the spring.
9. Put a dab of solder on the very end of the spring, solder on a piece of thin piano wire and bend it to your liking.

Your done! When your sensor hits an object a connection between the spring and the paper clip is made. Tip: To adjust the sensor move the spring out to make it more sensitive, in to make it less sensitive. If you have any questions you can e-mail me.
Hooking up your tactile sensor to the photopopper circuit!

1. Solder two wires onto the tactile sensor. One to the open end of the paper clip and the other to the opposite end of the spring you soldered the piano wire to. (see drawing at bottom)

2. Solder the other ends of the wires to pin 2 of the 1381 and to a 680K resister that goes to ground (see PhotoPopper circuit at left) Thats it :-)

For more info on the photopopper circuit see my circuits page.

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