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The Solaroller is a small solar bot that slowly charges a capacitor and then releases it into a motor. We'll start by building the frame then the circuit and then I'll show you how to hook them together.

Putting them together (see below)

What you'll need....
Solaroller frame
1381 Solar Engine

1. Solder a blue wire from one motor and a red wire from the other motor to positive ( + )
2. Now take your circuit and solder the other two leads to the middle pin of your circuit. Make sure that the resister is facing down and the 1381 is facing up.
3. Solder the other two leads to the motors like this.... Also make sure the middle pin of your circuit doesn't touch one of the motors
4. You're done!!!!! I just finished mine and it works GREAT. So good in fact that it is now my second favorite solaroller! I did this whole tutorial not even knowing if the thing would even move but it has past my expectations by a mile!

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