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1. Collect all your pieces..... For this part of the tutorial on how to make a solaroller you'll need: Solar cell 2 Pager Motors .33F Capacitor 2.2K Resister
2. Cut the longer lead of the capacitor to the same length as the shorter one and bend as shown.
3. Lay down the two motors and set the capacitor on top. You'll probably want to out the motors a little farther away from the capacitor than is shown. Orient them the same as in the photo and make sure the negative side of the capacitor (side with the stripe) is on the left. When your done solder it together (shown in red).

4. Bend the motors and capacitor down so they look like this.

5. Solder one side of the resister to the solar cell and clip it about 1/8 from where you soldered. Do the same for the other side and it should turn out like the photo on the bottom left.

Place the solar cell on the edge of something and solder it (shown in red) to the capacitor leads.


Your done with the frame for your solaroller. Now your ready to put together the circuit. This frame could be easily modified to be used as a bicore controlled photovore or just a regular photopopper by building it the same way but using a 3300uF capacitor.

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