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For this tutorial you'll need....
2N3904 Transistor
2N3906 Transistor
1381 J Voltage detector
2.2K Resister

Look at the FAQ for more info on where you can find these parts along with part numbers.
1. For ease of viewing I have colored each transistor a different color. Blue = 2N3906 Red = 2N3904 Black = 1381 J I would recommend if you haven't already done so to look over the whole tutorial so you know what to expect.
2. Glue the transistors together so they look like this. Make sure you get them in the right order.
3. Bend the middle pin of the 3906 back and trim it as shown. Also trim the middle pin of the 3904 so it is about 1/8" long.
4. Trim and solder the resister leads so it looks like this. Note this is the hardest part of the tutorial and it is very easy to create a solder jump between the center pin and the pin you are trying to solder to of the 3904. The trick is to put a very small amount of solder on the end of the resister, clean your soldering tip, add a VERY small amount of solder to the end of the soldering iron tip and then just put the soldering iron so it touches the pin of the 3904 and the resister lead. It then should form a joint and all's well. Remember this is a trick step for a beginner so you may have to clean off all the solder from the leads and try it several times before you get a good connection.
5. Now bend the right most lead of the 3906 (from this view) and bend it around, clip the lead to the right length and solder it the middle pin of the 3904.
6. Now the fun part! Just bend the leads of the 1381 down as shown, trim the leads and then solder them as shown.
7. You're done! That wasn't so bad was it? Make a note of the output pin numbers. 1 = Ground ( - ) 2 = Output (to motor) 3 = Vcc ( + )
8. Here's how you connect it so you'll have a solaroller. The (M) is the motor. Look here for info on how to build a frame for your circuit. Please let me know if this page was helpfull to you. Or if you had any problems i'd like to hear them so I can improve these pages.

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