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Well here's my latest creation. It's currently doesn't have a name so if you think you've got a good name for it please let me know! The specs are....

Motors - Pager motors with hand made gearbox's
Circuit - Still waiting for some parts from DigiKey (see below)
Batteries - 1 Panasonic 3v rechargeable battery and a solar charger or PM1 SE slide switch This is one of the new generation bots I'm working on. It's functions will be....

1. Overall behavior (Go, Turn, Go, Turn....)
2. (Go Mode) It will use it's inter eyes to travel about 5 inches. In this mode it will slightly home in on the brightest light.
3. (Turn Mode) When in turn mode it will use it's outer eyes to pivot towards to light like a head and a tank combined.
4. Sensor inputs - 2 tactile sensors, 1 IR detection sensor, 2 Heat sensors, 4 photo detectors, 1 tilt switch
5. (Tactile sensors) When the sensor on the right is bumped it will turn left and likewise for the other sensor
6. (Tactile sensor innovation) When the sensor is still tripped after five seconds (aka - It's stuck) It will try something else.
7. (Tactile sensor sub-mode 1) After five seconds it will try to turn the other way for 3 seconds.
8. (Tactile sensor sub-mode 2) If still stuck it will try to back up for 3 second
9. (Tactile sensor sub-mode 3) After trying for 11 seconds it will shut itself down to conserve it's batteries.
10. (IR detection) Simple IR detection will have a range of 5 inches and cause the bot to turn right if an object is detected.
11. (Heat sensors) The bot will move towards the warmest source. I'm unsure if these will be manually or sensory activated.
12. (Photo detectors) This is the main goal that the bot will have. Move toward the brightest source of light
13. (Photo detector inter eyes) In this mode the bot will move about 5 inches and turn slowly toward the light.
14. (Photo detector outer eyes) Now it will pivot like a tank using it's wide angle eyes. It will do this for a couple seconds.
15. (Tilt switch) When turned over it will turn itself off. Good for if someone want to pick it up and look at it.

Well here it is

As you can see it's fairly small so I'm going to have a tough time getting all the electronics in there

Here's a close-up off one of the gear trains

You can see the treads are kind of cool looking :-)

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