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Well heres my latest creation "The Bug 1.3". The specs are....

Motors - Pager motors with OTU (Over Timer Unit) gearbox.
Circuit - Two suspended bicores hooked acting as a master - slave.
Batteries - Two Ni-MH 3.6V 60mA hooked in series.

The cool thing about The Bug is that is bounces more than it actually walks. I had to spread the legs out really far because he was bouncing over on his but. I'm going to add a tactile sensor later on. I only get this cool bouncing behavior for about ten minutes before the batteries start to run down, requiring frequent battery chargings.

Well here it is "The Bug 1.3"

Side view - You can see the two pager motor <> OTU motors. The master - slave bicores in the middle and the batteries on the sides.

Front view

Back view - Here you can see the battery charger between the two Ni-MH batteries.

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