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This is my new walker Stryder Jr. named after Mark Tilden's Stryder it is a prototype for a new walker Stryder Sr. which will stand 2 feet (60cm) high. There will be a head mounted on it. After I complete these projects I think I'll have enough knolage to tackle a VERY advanced project "DogBot".

I'm using BG micro motors and the red things are the batteries. I decided to use H-bridge motor drivers. It worked great and there ended up being a hole in the middle where the head motor just fit in.

A closeup of the tactile sensor mounted on one of the front legs.

As you can see I'm using springs to keep the legs centered.

The head is the brain of the bot. Right now all I have hooked up is the drive circuit and reversers.

Here you can see the four motor driver boards and batteries.

Here you can see the springs that keep the legs centered and the battery recharger towards the top.

Stryder Jr. Schematic

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