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Here is RoboFly III the 5th in the RoboFly series. This one is leaving us tomorrow bound for a new home it's only remains are a flashy $125.00 which will go towards a bunch of new projects. :-) Here's some RoboFly history..... RoboFly - Built originally as a fathers day present turned out to be a hit! Unfortunately it had a small accident and was dissected for parts RoboFly I.2 - Design didn't work. RoboFly I.5 - Design didn't work. RoboFly II - I built this one for the BEAM Games, it ended up getting first place. RoboFly III - This one was built to sell it is by far the best RoboFly yet. RoboFly G2 - This one is about 2/3's done and is a generation 2 RoboFly. Sold for $150 RoboFly G2 v2 - Need to get this one done! This one is sold for $150.00 RoboFly G2 v3 - This could be yours. If your interested e-mail me :-)

I took special care on this one to make certain the feelers and legs were as biologically correct as possible.

You can see the capacitor hidden underneath the solarcell.

Not much here.

The mechanics consist of 7 joints which went down to 6 joints in the G2 series. Can you figure it out?

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