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This is my first design for a free form gearbox for a pager motor. The specs are....
Motor - Pager motor
Gears - This is the gear set for the Airtronics 94501 servo. You can get it at your local hobby store or Tower Hobbies.
Frame- Small piece of brass (could be substituted with a paper clip) and a paper clip.

This took me about an hour to build but I would not recommend it unless your really good at soldering and electronics. I had to enlarge the holes in the gears a little with a small drill bit and then figure out where I wanted to place the gears. This would be great for a small solar walker and the brass mounting plate gives you lots of room to solder on (walker frame, electronics...). It has a good RPM and there's lots of room to connect a leg.

Pretty slick huh :-)

You can see how the gears are mounted.

Back view

You can really see it here

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