Front Shot Height - 16mm

OK Here is my microvore entry "MicroBot". It got 1st place in the photovore category at the 1998 BEAM Games. It uses the standard photopopper circuit and one tactile sensor. The ground clearance is about the width of a hair so it needs a flat surface to roll on. I filled up every bit of space so you couldn't get any smaller unless you went to SMT which I would of done if I had more time.

Top Shot Width - 29mm

Because of the camera angle you can't tell the actual dimensions. As you can see the whole thing fits nicely under a 24x33mm solar cell.

Side Shot Length - 35mm (with sensor 42mm)

Again the dimensions are different from the photo. The black spot in the front is the photo diode.

Bottom Shot

The hardest part about this was the electronics because I couldn't build it a uniform fashion. I had to put the 1381's and one of the 3904-3906 pairs in the front and the other in the back.

Back Shot

Not much to see here.

View 1

After it was built I encased the whole thing in red epoxy which gives is a cool transparent "iMac red" color. The wheels are small rubber O-ring. You can find them at a bike shop for putting on cables so they don't scratch the frame when your going down that big hill.

View 2

I was trying to save space so I used the resister as part of the sensor. The resister is soldered onto positive and the other end is bent into a circle. The wire that forms the sensor is soldered directly onto the 1381.

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