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Creator: Kristoffer
Web Site: Robot Central
Bot name: Head 1
Description: This is my first head ever, it uses the bicore circuit.
Creator: Mark Tilden
Found at: Solarbotics
Bot name: ???????
Description: Here is an interesting device from the workshop of Mark Tilden. This is a two degree-of-freedom head mechanism that uses a pair of powerful yellow LEDs to illuminate it's target. When it's locked on, an indicator light flashes. See the cable trailing out behind it? That's for power and sensor input into other mechanisms. Eventually, head mechanisms like this could be retrofitted onto most larger BEAM devices, like walking machines.
Creator: Steve
Web Site: Steve's Page
Bot name: Spy
Description: Now take a good look at him. Doesn't he look like Spy vs Spy. His little triangular head and black photo diode eyes make him fit the description perfectly.
Creator: Jim
Web Site: Jim's BEAM Page
Bot Name: Bicore head
Description: This is my first attempt at a light seeking, Bicore head. The hobby servo is a little clunky, but it works perfect. Best of all I have exactly $4.50 in it total.
Creator: Grant Mckee
Web Site: None
Bot Name: The head
Description: No name yet, The head always looks at the brightest source of light, has 2 DOF uses 2 servos that are modifyed to go 360 degrees, has 2 suspended bicore circuits and a L293 to drive the motors, the "eyes" are photodiodes, operates on a 3.6 volt rechargable cell phone battery.

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