-- Tilden's Bots (teaser 2) --

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I biped (two legs) walker on crutches.
BitBots 1 & 2; These guys are small.
Stepper Walkman; two motor walker that uses stepper motors for motors.
The place where it all happens.
Robot chess set; robot jurassic park (RJP).
Another RJP with sand on the floor.
One of the pieces in the robot chess set. Part of the BeamAnt series.
Sweet SMT boards. These things are only 17x17mm and come in Bicore, PM1 SE, Microcore, U-core (I think), blank, reverser...... flavors.
Close up of "SnakeBots" circuit and motor mechanism.
Even closer =)

Hope you enjoyed this, the main update to my site should be up soon.

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