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Creator: Jim
Web Site: Jim's BEAM Page
Bot Name: Symet 3
Description: Symet 3 - I'm running out of names for these things. The N trigger in this bot makes him move up to 1.5 inches per pop on his ball motivator. The large solar cell teeters on top of the bot making his directions very random. He is also very active.
Creator: Jim
Web Site: Jim's BEAM Page
Bot name: Symon 1A
Description: Symon 1A- is a redo of one of my earlier symets. I dressed him up with one of my wife's bracelets (now she says he's her bot). He has a 1381 J S.E., 3-3300uF caps, and a salvaged walkman motor. He has a rubber ball as a motivator.
Creator: Friedrich J. Tragauer
Web Site: Sun Beam
Bot Name: Symet 1
Description: My first symet with step by step instructions on how to build the mechanics on my web site.
Creator: Kristoffer
Web Site: Robot Central
Bot name: Symet 2.0
Description: This is another symet, it uses 2 x 2200uF caps and 1 x 1000uF
Creator: Kristoffer
Web Site: Robot Central
Bot name: Symet 1.0
Description: My first symet, it moves pretty fast, about 2 cm when the solarengine triggers.
Creator: Kristoffer
Web Site: Robot Central
Bot name: Symet 2
Description: My second symet, it dosen't move as fast as symet 1 but it works fine.
Creator: Kristoffer
Web Site: Robot Central
Bot name: SSpider 1.0
Description: When building spider, I was trying to make a bot that would look like an insect and it turned out pretty good.
Creator: Dave ?
Web Site: Solarbotics
Bot name: ??????
Description: A 2 transistor SYMET robot that is designed to go in one direction until it bumps into something, at which point it reverses direction. A SYMETtrical - traveling robot.
Creator: Mark Tilden
Found at: Solarbotics
Bot name: ???????
Description: Another of Mark Tilden's creatures (does that surprise you now?) based upon one of our Type-1 Solarengine Kits. By modifying a regular SYMET robot by adding four wire legs, Mark has come up with a surprisingly captivating little bug that acts very insect-like. When the Solarengine triggers, it makes the Solaroller bug move and jiggle in a very non-robot like manner.
Creator: Steve
Web Site: Steve's Page
Bot name: Sympleton
Description: I like these guys because they just keep going and going....The little rubber nub on the shaft of the Walkman motor is from one of those peel and stick feet to make prevent slipping of you radio. I found a better use for them =)
Creator: Chris Daniel
Web Site: BEAM Robotics
Bot Name: Symet 2.0
Description: This is my latest symet. At the moment it doesn't work very well, but I'll fix it, don't you worry :-)
Creator: Jason Feser
Web Site: Coming soon
Bot Name: Loader
Description: Coming soon

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