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Circuit: 4Nv Microcore
Pro: Very fast, strong
Con: No sensors, needs smooth terrain because of motor angle

My first walker built at the '96 beam workshop in Los Alamos. One of about five people building walkers, first to get the first twitch(allmost droped it :-). It has a microcore going to a JFET driver, driving two R/C servo motor/gear boxes.
Circuit: 4Nv Microcore
Pro: Reverse sensor, can add more sensors, gumby legs
Con: bad leg design

Built this at the '97 beam workshop. This is the kit that solarbotics makes, quite nice. We had a small beam games after the workshop and I added a nose which when it went off the ring, the robot would back up. It didn't work because the other robots would bump it and it would back off the ring.
Circuit: 8Nv Bicore
Pro: Can turn, Moves towards light, Interesting movement
Con: Leg design is critical

Built this one at the '98 beam workshop. This is the alpha kit for the Scoutwalker II made by Solarbotics. It uses photodiodes to move towards light and a MUX to enable the bot to back up and turn when one of the tactile sensors is tripped.

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