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Name: sluG
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 1m - 5 minutes
Pro: First one ever
Con: Very Very Very SLOOOOOOOW
Cap Size: 3300uF

This one is my first beam bot. I built this one at the 4th beam games in Glorieta, NM in 95'. This is the discontinued Type-1 solarollar kit from sollarbotics. The frame is the cassette unit included in the kit.

Name: Speedo 1
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 1m - Pro: Good Speed
Con: Takes to long to charge Cap Size:

The frame is a from a small toy I had. Uses two pager motor rear drive system which works ok. Has two .033 caps in parallel to form .066F

Name: Paperroller
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 1m -
Pro: Light, fast
Con: Needs some work
Cap Size:

The frame is made of thick paper which makes it light and easy to form almost any kind of frame. The rear tires are from a small toy car, The front pager motor direct drive system works good, allthough at first it was slipping so I had to add rubber cement to the shaft to give it more traction.

Name: Speedo 2
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 1m -
Pro: Nice frame
Con: Drive system
Cap Size:

I built this one at the 96' beam workshop and then added the heat shrink top. The wire sticking out the back is for shorting the cap( when the race starts your cap has to be discharged )

Name: HotRod
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 1m -
Pro: Small, compact
Con: Needs a bigger cap, could be lighter
Cap Size: .033F

The frame on this one is made from a modified track car. I changed it a little so these aren't the latest picts ( Coming soon ). I replaced the motor with a pager motor to give it more speed.

Name: Synergy
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 1m - 18 to 19 seconds
Pro: Leaves other SR's in the dust Con:
No cons Cap Size: .047F

This is it, the fastest one I have by about 15 seconds. Uses a hi eff. pager motor with custom gear train, cardboard wheels, "1 1/4 x "15/16 Solar cell and a 1381 J trigger SE. It will fly at about 1m in 19 seconds though a window ( Not sure how much the window and dust filters the light ). The gear train is made of gears out of a RC servo and is about 17:1. In the process of making it I had to rebuild the whole rear end do to an unknown cause.

Name: Spinergy
Type: Type-1 Solar engine
Speed: 3m - 1 minute 27 seconds
Pro: Fast, ATSR ( All Terrain Solar Roller ), Inspiration of Synergy
Con: none Cap Size: .33F

This is trully a ATSE it will go without effert in gravel, dirt, rugs and over objects les than "1/2 high with ease. The gear train is about 40:1 and runs off of a small pager motor. The red arm comming out the side is a switch that triggers the circuit without having to wait for a full charge, the pog wheels were a sucsess and are nice and light weight. :-)

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