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Name: SolarOptiC 1
Type: Dual solar engine with cap shorting sensors
Pro: Speedy
Con: Heavy

This is my second beam bot, built at the 4th Beam Games in New Mexico. It uses two pager motors for drive and some bearings for the front contact.

Name: ThermoPopper
Sensors: ThermoResisters

This one uses thermisters instead of photodiodes which means it moves toward the warmest source. It uses the PhotoPopper circuit but I just replaced the photodiode with thermisters.

Name: OpticPopper
Sensors: photodiodes

The top picture is of the bot before I made a total rehaul of it. After the rehaul it's about the smallest bot I've built and it very light because the frame is made of heat shrink, the heat shrink holds the motors in place. It is very well balanced over the motor so there is very little drag. It's fun to watch because when it fires, the cap in the back pops up as it moves :-) The circuit is just an ordinary Photo Popper circuit.

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