A new walker is being born! I spent the whole day working on a new walker. After I saw Tilden on Saturday I got really inspired and have been building non stop ever since. The design uses two mac ejector motors, a phone battery pack, two bicores, one multiplexer (for reverse) and two H-bridges for a total of 3 chips and 12 transistors. If you would like more info on the electronics end of the walker, e-mail me. Believe it or not it took me four hours to drill all the holes in the PCB! Since I have broken 3 drill bits using my drill I was forced to drill them all by hand. Boy was I glad when that was done. I need a couple more IC sockets so i'm going to have to wait until my order from Digikey gets here before I can finish :-( Anyway here are a few photos of "Mantis I".

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