Sorry for the delay. It's Saturday! I guess your wondering where all the photos are huh? I got to the meeting and found out I had left the driver disks for the camera at home, next week. I spent my time helping a few of the other team members. Brandi got her Solaroller working, Andri spent his time freeforming an SE. We got out of there around 2:00 and went to Los Alamos to see Mark Tilden. For the next three hours I learned more than I have in three months!! That guy is AWESOME!! I bet you can't guess what program he uses to design his PCB's (including Hextiles)...... MS Word version 2! Well two more weeks till I leave for India! I just can't wait for that 36 hour flight. ugh I heard that in lucknow they use pigs as the garbage disposal. Other animals that you see are elephants, camels, cows, monkeys..... For all you astronomers PLEASE READ!!! It was dark on the way home and I was looking out the window and I saw this light moving really fast. At first I thought it was a low flying airplane. But then I noticed it wasn't blinking, It was way to bright and it was moving very fast. Then I thought it was a shooting star but it was really bright and very close. Suddenly it blew up!!!!! It then scattered into a bunch of orange debre. Then it was gone. What the hell was that????? Please Please Please reply if you know.

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