Well this is my first post to the journal! Over the next five weeks I'll take you through my personal experience in going to India for the 1998 BEAM Games. I hope you'll check back every few days as I go along in my journey. Note: As you will notice I am not a great writer so please bear with me ;-) I spent most of the day working on my web site (BEAM Online). I added chat and search functions and created the journal you are reading now. As far as BEAM goes I finished making the wing pattern on one of the wings on RoboFly II which will be competing in the Aesthetics category. It has a wing span of 8 1/2" and is turning out great. If you wondering about RoboFly I , it had a slight accident, my 500W halogen fell over and that was the end :-( I have added a photo and movie for your enjoyment :-) Another project I am working on is for the Class B Sumo (Autonomous) I'll have photos up in a later post. Only three more weeks till I leave! I'll be going to Pojoaque (were the BEAM team meets) on Saturday, since i'm the only one on the team (with the exception of one) that knows about electronics. I usually spend all my time running around helping five people at once on there projects and do my own building at home. So how'd I do?

Click here for a gif animation of RoboFly II in action.

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