We arrived in Lucknow via a train from Delhi and proceeded to a bus that would take us to City Montessori School. The bus ride, to put it short, was very exciting. We learned that the bigger the vehicle and the louder the horn the better off you are. We also learned that there don't seem to be any traffic rules, as long as you get where you want to go. We were greeted with a warm welcome when we arrived at the school and we went touring later in the day.

Here we are at the Lucknow train station. The guys with the red shirts are porters that carry your stuff and as I found out later these guys are strong!

We just arrived at CMS!

An outlook of lucknow from atop the maze building.

Another shot from the maze building.

Andri standing in front of the maze building. I has about four levels high and we basically covered every passage way before we found the top.

This is what allot of the buildings in India look like.

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