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HTML Update
I went around and updated the HTML on all of the pages on BEAM Online so it will be displayed better in all browsers and so I can update the site easier in Adobe Golive. I also wanted to let you all know I'm still active in BEAM, just haven't had time to update the site much because of college and all.

Wow! It's been over a year since my last update. I'm happy to see that a lot of people are still using the information on my site. I finished my first year of college in May. Right now I'm shooting for dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I'm still finding time for robotics as well. I have a bunch of new bots that I need to get on the web site. A couple months ago I built a bunch of robots (some miniballs, solar walkers, a symet, and a couple photovores) for the Space Center Houston science center in Houston, TX. That exhibit is running into September. If you have a chance to check it out I'd love to hear what you thought about it and if you could take pictures and send them to me that would be awesome.Other than that project I finished up a few walkers I built for a graduate student at New Mexico Highlands University that he used for his thesis project. The project consisted of two identical four motor + rotating head walker platforms, one was microcontroller based (networked BASIC stamps) and the other was BEAM controlled (bicores and a lot of custom sensory circuitry). We compared their abilities in different situations such as complex mazes and light seeking tests to see which one performed and adapted better. We took hours of video footage of each so hopefully eventually I'll be able to get at least a few clips online. Currently I'm working on satellite stuff in the NIS-4 Space Engineering Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory for the summer and in my free time working on some new electronic art pieces as well as spending time with my girlfriend. Well I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still around and what I'm up to. Have a great summer!

BEAM Workshop 2001
Yesterday marked the fourth and final day of the annual 2001 BEAM Workshop. This year it was again held at the wonderful Santa Fe Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In record time I have placed around 55 photos of the workshop on the web so check it out here. Also go to the page to see photos of some of Mark Tilden's robots as well as robots other people brought to the workshop.

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Are you tired of wasting your time going from BEAM site to BEAM site looking for some specific information? Well stop wasting that time and start building! BEAM Online now as another search engine where you can search 40+ BEAM web sites totaling over 1800 pages. These pages are automatically spidered once a month so everything is kept up to date. (See above-right for search)

Schematics fixed
Don't ask me how but I made several severe mistakes on the schematics found on the circuits page and elsewhere. This includes: Reverser, vWalker, and 1381 SE freeform diagram. These are the only mistakes I know of and they have been fixed. Thank you for letting me know about the errors.

vWalker Schematic
You can now find a complete schematic for vWalker v1.0 on the vWalker page. Also more info was added.

More on vWalker
I just uploaded 11 more photo's of vWalker as well as a 15 second movie of him walking. More info and schematics coming soon. Click here.

New walker
Here is my new walker! vWalker v1 (Little Buddy). The "v" stands for 5 since this is a 5 motor walker. I've included a bunch of photos and some info. Schematics will be up shortly. Click here.

As the slogan of BEAM Online (BEAM Online - The Yahoo™ of BEAM) suggests it should be a listing of other sites as well as it's own content. Well I had some of this but never really got around to advanceing it to the level I wanted. Well now that I'm back into updateing and I have done it! There is now a way for you to submit a specific page of your site into a category of BEAM Online! I know there are so many good tutorials and other info out there on small BEAM sites (even large ones) that never gets seen when so many people could benifit from it. Well go to the page to add your site or someone elses page (or pages) that you think should be listed! PLEASE HELP ADVANCE BEAM! Click here

I fixed the menu bar (left) and added a list of links at the top of the page for those of you that don't have flash installed.

The links page has been updated. There are now 50+ BEAM links as well as many other links to circuit sites, suppliers, and more.

New bot!
I now have a solar walker! I don't have much info on it yet but once I get it finished I will have schematics and info up. Right now I just have a bunch of photos.

Current Projects
This is a list of projects I'm currently working on.... 1. A heavyweight bot for "BattleBots"; 2. sWalker v1; 3. A 5 motor walker named "little buddy"; 4. A new DusterBot; 5. A BEAM vs. CPU vs. Hybrid, 4 motor walker comparison.

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